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If you can speak English, let us teach you how to teach English.
No degree or ability to speak a foreign language is required.


Island TEFL Bangkok is the cosmopolitan counterpart to Island TEFL's beautiful beach locations and is an outstanding opportunity to earn your new TESOL/TEFL Certification in one of the greatest cities on Earth. Within Thailand we also offer TEFL Certification at the exotic beach locations of Koh Samui and Phuket. Excellent accommodation options are available in Bangkok for as little as 380 baht per night (approximately $12 U.S. or 8 GBP).


Why you need to earn your TEFL/TESOL Certification from Islandtefl


Our programs, whether completed online or on-location, are internationally accredited, recognized, respected and accepted around the world.

Proprietary technology can supply you with 97% of all public TEFL/TESOL job openings.
Guaranteed job placement offer program or your money back!
We have a plethora of “Gap Year” or volunteer teaching initiatives to choose from.
Our instructors, are the “Crème de la crème” of their profession. They will offer you all the support you will need and become your second family.
We will teach you an infallible student placement testing and teaching methodology
Our TEFL/TESOL, online or on-location, programs are an affordable and inexpensive investment in your future. We have a choice of payment options and we offer a price matching guarantee.
Our selectivity policy: Some people face challenges that cannot be leveraged by our assistance.
Our Academic review board will need to give approval before being accepted to our programs.


Bangkok Skyline   TEFL/TESOL Training Center

Island TEFL, Bangkok, featured above, is the cosmopolitan counterpart to Island TEFL's beautiful beach locations and offers an outstanding opportunity to earn your new TESOL/TEFL Certification in one of the greatest cities on Earth. Our Bangkok training center is state of the art, equipped with a library, WIFI, photocopiers, laminators, portable white boards and other teaching resources.

In Bangkok, we are partnered with Thonburi Language Center (TLC). The school is licensed (MOE license # 46/2555) and fully approved by the Thai Ministry of Education and the Thai Department of Labor. We work in close collaboration with the MOE to bring EFL/ESL Teachers and teachers of other subjects, to schools throughout Thailand.


To gain an appreciation and understanding into how rewarding and fun the Island TEFL experience is and to gain a glimpse as to what the program entails, please have a look at the Island TEFL /Southeastasiabackpacker video (above left) that was shot recently on Koh Samui. Please also read the related article that came out on Island TEFL in www.Southeastasiabackpacker.com by clicking on the following link: www.workingabroad.com/uploads/documents/TEFL_Article.pdf


Package A Begin Your Dream today...Make a difference!

Package A is our most popular program. It is our on-location, 3-week (120 hours) TEFL/TESOL Certification course. In just 3 weeks you will graduate with an internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate, allowing you to travel and teach in many countries around the globe. You are not required to be a native English speaker, have prior teaching experience or a college degree to participate in the program. However, if you are a native English speaker and hold a university degree in any subject, you are guaranteed the offer of a teaching position in a Thai government school upon successful completion of this program. Please click on the 300 Teaching Jobs banner for more information. Click here for details

Package A is only a 44,900 Thai Baht investment* (approximately $1,490 U.S. or 938 GBP).

Public transportation reimbursement for transfer to your accommodation from Bangkok airports.
Free WIFI at the training center, as well as the use of the library, photocopiers, laminators, portable white boards and other teaching resources.
A welcome evening out with your classmates and trainers, sometime during the first week.
A teacher's bag, filled with teaching materials and goodies.
A free international SIM card to keep in touch with family and friends.
Personal assistance with tailoring your CV/Resume.
24-hour emergency assistance, support and advice for the duration of your course


We are an IATEFL member (Member No. 17506), and work in collaboration with the Ministry Education, Thailand. Island TEFL Certificates are internationally-recognized, as well as being accepted by the Thai Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor and the Department of Employment.

Island TEFL and onlineteflexpress.com have now had their award winning online and on-location 120 hour, internationally recognized, TEFL/TESOL programs accredited by Thonburi Language Center (TLC) in Thailand. (Ministry of Education Number 46/2555).We are now working with TLC in collaboration with the Thai, Ministry of Education, Department of Education and Department of Employment to bring 300 English language instructors to Thailand. If you have interest in this program please click here



"I couldn’t have gained my TEFL certificate at a better location. Really good balance of studying hard and enjoying the local environment. Teaching practices were excellent. The staff were really helpful and professional." - Sara Gardiner (UK)

"This TEFL course has been a wonderfully rewarding experience which has surpassed my expectations. The location is great and the course provides you with all the training and skills one needs to be confident and succeed. I would recommend Island TEFL to any and all who are interested in beginning a career in TEFL." - Katie Collins (USA)

Read more of what our past graduates have had to say on our Testimonials Page.


Our Additional Package offerings

Package B

3-Week TEFL Certificate Program (Package A) plus 1-month volunteer teaching placement in a Government or Private school in Thailand

Package B is our on-location 3-Week TEFL Certificate Program (Package A) plus a 1-month volunteer teaching placement in a government or private school in Thailand. Placements can also be arranged teaching adults in resorts, hotels, spas and other businesses. Package B is ideal for those who wish to add invaluable practical experience to their Resume/C.V. or desire to experience ESP teaching while enjoying a truly amazing cultural experience.

Our B package is only a 59,900 Thai Baht investment* (approximately $1,990 U.S. or 1,249 GBP)


Package C

Package C is our on-site English for Special Purposes (ESP) series of courses. Each ESP Course takes 40 hours over a 1-week session.

There are 3 ESP courses to choose from:
1. Advanced Certification in Business Communications
2. English for Resorts and Hotels
3. Teaching IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC

These courses provide the gateway to the most lucrative teaching positions within EFL/ESL, where you'll teach motivated adults while working in the most sought after settings within the TEFL/TESOL industry. These settings include some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Each of these 40 hour "TEFL TOP UP" courses are open to those who successfully complete an Island TEFL certification course or those who hold a TESOL/TEFL certificate of at least 100 hours, achieved on-line or otherwise, from an accredited organization.

Each of these 3 ESP Courses are only a 14,900 Thai Baht investment* (approximately $499 U.S. or 313 GBP)


Package D

Package D is the onlineteflexpress.com,120 hour online TEFL/TESOL Certification Program. It is comprised of 8 phases that can be taken at your own pace. For more information on this program please visit www.onlineteflexpress.com

The cost of the 120 hour online TESOL/TEFL Certification program is $499 U.S. (approximately $299 GBP).


Package E

An Education Visa (or ED Visa) allows individuals to live in Thailand for the purposes of studying certain courses. We can obtain 1-Year, student ED visas which can be renewed annually for up to 10 years in total duration. The student has a choice of learning a Thai, Chinese or English language program. The Ed Visa allows individuals to stay in Thailand for periods of up to 12 months at a time without the need to make border or visa runs

The cost of the 1-Year Ed Visa with the language program of your choice is only 18,500 Baht (approximately $645 U.S.) Please click here for Ed Visa Terms and conditions


Package F

Package F is our TEFL/TESOL Instructor Diploma Course. If you have aspirations of becoming a TEFL/TESOL Trainer/Instructor this program is for you. Although prior teaching experience is not required to qualify for this program, it is beneficial. The program has a total duration of 2.5 months for completion. After completing Package B you will do the 40 hour ESP course (Package C). You will then undertake a final 40 hour training course in which you will gain experience as a TEFL/TESOL Trainer/Instructor and actually train TEFL/TESOL trainees. You will have access to the Director of Island TEFL as a referee throughout your teaching career.

This complete package is only an 85,000 Thai Baht investment* (approximately $2,830 U.S. or 1,700 GBP). This investment is typically returned within 2 months of employment as a qualified TESOL/TEFL instructor.


* Exchange Rates Vary. Please use the Currency Converter below to convert the Fixed Thai Baht Prices above into other currencies at Today's Exchange Rates or visit www.xe.com directly.